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- A Top Asset Management Company in China
Founded in February 2005, China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. (China Universal) is one of the fastest-growing, well-respected asset managers in China. We take great pride in our commitment to investment expertise, service excellence, and leadership in the industry of asset management. By the end of 2009, there are 9 mutual funds under China Universal's Management, and the total AUM is USD 9.01 billion.

Our shareholders include Orient Securities Co., Ltd., Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group and China Eastern Airline Group, each a leader in their respective industry. Headquartered in Lujiazui Financial District, we also have branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, and a representative office in Chengdu for business development in the northern, southern, and western China regions.
Since its incorporation, the company has drawn a clear road map towards its definite goal, which is to be a world leader in the management of China-related assets. We vigorously pursue the best investment solutions to achieve steady and sustainable returns for our clients. We have established a well-experienced investment and research team with more than fifty professionals, which integrates our philosophy of long-term investment into its dedication to fundamental analysis as well as the optimization of the whole investment and risk management process.

Both our AUM and client base have multiplied in the past five years. With the procurement of QDII qualification and discretionary business license, our business has extended from open-ended mutual funds to QDII, QFII, discretionary and pension management. Our mutual fund covers equity, index, hybrid, bond and money market, constituting a product line with clearly defined risk characteristics.
As a dynamic asset management company, China Universal has been widely recognized by both institutional and retail clients. We have received lots of awards since the establishment, all of which testify our past achievements and our great potential for growth in the future.
Corporate Governance
It is essential for the survival and success of a company to maintain sound relationship and effective communication between its shareholders, board of directors, management team, investors, and corporate governance.
In 2008, we became a member of the Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA), making us not only the first Chinese asset management company but also the first Chinese financial institution to become a member of a global corporate governance association. Meanwhile, our effort and success has also been recognized by Chinese investors. In January 2008, we won the "2007 China Fund Winner Award" as the best Chinese fund management company in corporate governance.
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